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DARE to go Blue! with Dermot & Bernard and face up to men's cancer.


Blue September is part of an international campaign that seeks to tackle the fact that men are more likely to develop and die of cancer than women and that men are less likely to discuss their personal health concerns with family, friends or their GP.


As 1 in 4 women and 1 in 3 men in Ireland will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime we want men to start facing up to their increased cancer risk and take more responsibility for their own health.


Blue September is a fun way of delivering this message and we know that if more men took better care of their health we could significantly reduce the numbers of men dying from cancer every year in Ireland.


So why BLUE? Well blue is for boys and we lose too many of our fathers, brothers, sons and friends to prostate, testicular bowel and other cancers every year.


DARE GO BLUE this September – Help us to increase awareness of men’s cancer and raise funds towards cancer diagnosis, treatment and care right across Ireland.


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Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance


Men's Cancer Alliance