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Penile Cancer


Penile cancer is a cancer that develops on the penis. Penile cancer is rare in Ireland. It occurs in less than 1 in every 100,000 men each year in Europe.



Left untreated, the cancer typically grows to involve the entire surface of the glans and/or foreskin. It then eventually spreads further to deeper parts of the penis and to other areas of the body to cause various other symptoms.


How is it diagnosed?


Anyone who has an abnormal growth or sore on their penis should visit their GP and have a thorough examination by their doctor. This will usually include feeling for any enlarged lymph glands in the groin. You may then be referred to see a specialist in the hospital.


Stages of penile cancer range from Stage I (where the cancer is confined to the skin of the penis) to Stage IIII (where there is spread to lymph nodes deep in the pelvis or to other parts of the body).


Prevention Tips


What causes Penile Cancer


In most cases, the reason why penile cancer develops is not known. However, there are factors which are known to alter the risk of penile cancer developing.

These include:

If you experience any symptoms it doesn’t mean you have Penile cancer but you should still pay a visit to your GP.



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